The time to travel to Infant Island is here for the Kaiju Crew! We take on the 1961 classic Mothra and its new Bluray release from Mill Creek! We also...View Details

#71- Suicide Club (2001)

The boys take a trip to Japan to take on Sion Sono's Suicide Club from 2001! Joining is Heather from the Terrifier episode where they will now dig dee...View Details

Godzilla VS Biollante is one of the highest rated movies in the fandom. So many people love this flick but what about the UWKFOS boys? Let's take a lo...View Details

Jerry, Jay, Mr. Venom, and the Ram Man join forces to give a review of Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019)! We keep it spoiler free but since anythin...View Details

It is time for us to step back in to the Horror Coliseum with the insanity of Sam Neill! He did two movies focusing on him losing his mind so we are h...View Details

#69- The Shining (1980)

The boys have come back to take on one of the classic big hitters of the genre with Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. We take give our reviews, talk diff...View Details

The boys are back to take on the UK's take on the Kaiju film with Gorgo! Ofcourse we also have a run on to episode 11 of Ultraman with The Rascal of f...View Details

Jerry and Jay talk about Avengers Endgame including tons of spoilers. seriously like everything. Details

Jerry brings on two other podcasters from the Legion network to replace Jay and Kenneth for this very special episode! Bo from Hero Hero Ghost Show an...View Details

#67- Terrifier (2018)

Jerry, Jay, and Kenneth are joined by fan of the show Heather to discuss the 2018 movie Terrifier! Details

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