#76- House of Wax (1953)

Jerry, Jay, and special guest Heather take a look at the historic classic House of Wax starring Vincent Price! Join us as we talk the history and impo...View Details

The sexy Saucermen are back to take on some giant ants! Them! from 1954 is a true classic so how do these 3 gentlemen feel about in 2019? Let's find o...View Details

Jerry Hates Action returns with Jerry taking on Jay's favorite movie of all time ! How does The Matrix hold up? Can we answer all the questions this m...View Details

Today our Visions from Monsterland is on Godzilla VS The Sea Monster! The boys have some fun in the sun to talk Island kaiju fights! Ofcourse we also ...View Details

Jerry, Jay, and Kenneth went to see It Chapter 2 opening weekend and got together for this rare new movie review! We do a full spoiler filled review o...View Details

Tonight our Sermon is on Bigfoot. Brother Jerry and Brother Venom tell tales of Mountain Demons throwing rocks and of the great history of the Sasquat...View Details

In the first outing for the Atomic Age SaucerCast the boys take a look at Invisible Invaders from 1959! What happens when invisible aliens take over d...View Details

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Horror Coliseum the boys bring the burning question in horror to debate. Which Jaws sequel is th...View Details

Jerry, Jay, and Kenneth take a look at 3 episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? The episodes are S01E13- Tale of the Pinball Wizard, S02E02- Tale of ...View Details

Jerry, Venom, and Don come together to give their reaction to the Spine 1000 release by Criterion, a Showa Godzilla bluray set!   https://killthecast...View Details

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